I finally got Flash! Yayyay!

2014-01-29 09:19:25 by Varjokani

Yea. I finally got Adobe CS6 with Flash so I m able to try make stuff at home instad of making stuff only at school. Yay! Its time to rock and code bros!

Long time no see :3

2013-05-04 02:53:38 by Varjokani

Hi again. Long time no see but I have been planning couple of projects and doing them at the moment.
Stay tuned for more fun people. :3

Long time no see :3

My first game has now demo version here.. and I keep updating it daily. I have built it for some time and I wanted to see if it actually was playable.

At the moment there has been couple annoying bugs that I could not see when I tested it in flash but I managed to fix them.. or I think so.

I hope that I manage to make it nice game for everyone to enjoy. :-)

Wow.. They have fixed the bug. *Big hug for the staff*
I finally could start building my game with tools Newgrounds API.

I been thinking and trying different browsers and I still can't create new game project. Someone said changing browser would help but it did not help me.
It seems that there is bug so this site does not get the name of project when I click "Create". It seems the text field there is broken or something..?

But yep. I can't be only one with this problem or what? What do you think about this problem?

Hello everyone! An other newbie here!

2012-12-22 14:14:48 by Varjokani

Hiya. Yes I m quite newbie at Flash coding but I m interested to learn it. That is why I created this account to this site.
You might have seen me in dA (deviantart.com) and if you have then you know that I m animal fantasy freak who likes to draw A LOT.

At the moment all tips and ideas are warmly welcome.

I got also a problem..?
When I tried to create new game project I got error message that I did not add name of the project.
If you are a smart person please tell me how to fix it, neh? ^^


Edit 23.12.2012

What ever is my problem I m not only one with it. It seems that no one can upload stuff here which is sad because I really wanted to upload flash here to get new ideas.

Today and yesterday evening I managed to upload my art here.. so that is good thing I think.